TOP 5 athletes that love to party the most

TOP 5 athletes that love to party the most

Over the years, it has become clear to many men that the fact that they are elite athletes does not prevent them from having fun. An athlete can be subjected to a lot of stress, and some of them usually release it through wild parties that have put them on everyone's lips today. We will remember some of them.


A Chicago Bulls legend that needs no introduction. This man always did what he wanted, both inside and outside the court. He loves basketball, but partying, drinking, and gambling are also part of his list of preferences.


For a long time, the legend of golf seemed like a saint, but he was not. Behind that calm face, there is a mischievous man who adores attractive women, loves to party, and enjoys drinking. Las Vegas used to be his favorite place to go to have fun.


This tennis player is a party animal who doesn't miss any opportunity to have fun. Over the years, he has made headlines with his wild, crazy, and expensive parties that include helicopters, private security, cocktails, and sexy girls dancing for him. In 2017, he spent $50,000 on a single party! "When you have $14 million like me, $50,000 is nothing," he said.


Night adventures have always been a key part of this soccer player’s life, no matter how strict his teams are. He can't help it; that's why the Italian is always a constant source of controversy and madness. “Crazy Mario" is a champagne and pipe lover, and like our friend Bernard Tomic he has a weakness for beautiful women of any race.


This man may not have made it in the NFL, but as far as parties go, he's in another league. He loves alcohol and fun and is also seduced by beautiful women. He's not austere either, which is why he's able to spend $35,000 on a four-day birthday party.