Esports Betting Sites

Esports (also known as electronic sports) is the word people use to explain competitive videogame playing. Unlike video games in the past where a person would play against the game/computer, top esports is a competition between people. Sometimes esport events include spectators, just like traditional sports like rugby and football. Esports can be played in teams or played on an individual basis. For example, some esports have team members playing on the same team to achieve a common goal, like destroying the other team’s base or scoring more points than the other team. These are referred to as esports matches. On the other hand, many shooter games, like Counter-Strike, Halo, or Call of Duty, are set up for individuals to compete against one another, sometimes for skin betting. For a more in-depth review of the different types of esports betting opportunities available for esports bettors, and how someone can evaluate the top esports betting sites.

Regardless of what game is being played, there is a burgeoning esports betting market. Players can gamble on esports via online gambling in the esports betting world and set up an account with an esports betting website. Before a player decides what esports bookmakers to select or place an esports bet to pick, there are a number of factors to consider. Since there are hundreds of esports betting sites to choose from, it is important that a player thoroughly review each of the following factors before betting their hard-earned money through esports gambling sites.

Bonus Opportunities

At the outset, one of the most important factors to consider is what types of bonuses esports gambling sites are offering new players. The types of bonuses can vary drastically between esports betting sites, but many have similar features. The two main bonuses that players should know about are welcome bonuses, in particular deposit bonuses, and free bets bonuses.

One of the most well-known welcome bonuses is a deposit bonus. First, a deposit bonus can be provided to players upon registering and signing up on an esports betting site. Players should realize that it may be difficult to withdraw any winnings the player may accumulate solely from the deposit bonus paid by the esports betting site directly to the player’s internal account. First, there is commonly a required minimum deposit that the player must pay to qualify for the deposit bonus. Second, the deposit bonus is normally only provided up to a certain amount – either a percentage of the initial deposit from the player or a total dollar amount.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, almost every deposit bonus has a wagering requirement. A wagering requirement means that after a player receives their deposit bonus (in addition to the initial deposit directly from the player), a player has to make a certain number of bets, or wagers, using the bonus before being allowed to withdraw any funds. For example, a 5x wager requirement would mean that the player has to place bets on esport games equal to five times the deposit bonus amount before being able to withdraw any winnings. Fourth, there is normally a short amount of time a player must reach the wagering requirement before the promotion ends and the player can withdraw the bonus amount.

The second type of bonus is a “free bets” bonus. There are two ways a player can receive a free bet bonus. The first way can be by the esports betting website crediting the player’s internal playing account with the funds to bet. The second way, and more common way, is for a bookmaker to rebate a player’s first bets should the bets not result in the player getting any winnings. A player should be aware of certain of the numerous conditions that are included with a free bet bonus, such as the eligibility window to receive the bonus after signing up with the esports betting site and the types of games and or bets a player must make with the free bet bonus. 

Review the Esports Betting Sites' Reputation editors always review our partners in a fair way. Players should do the same. This factor may sound like common sense, but unfortunately, many players quickly select an esports betting site before finding out how one of the esports betting sites have treated their players in the past and what type of reviews those players have left. There is a multitude of different online platforms a player can review before selecting a sportsbook. A fast search on Google provides a player with comments on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and third-party websites that identify the best esports betting sites. One note for players, a player should not rely exclusively on the reviews posted on the designated website for the esports betting site. Some esports betting websites may only include positive reviews on their websites and exclude reviews that point out problems or concerns with the sportsbook.

In addition to a sportsbook's reviews, players should also try to figure out whether the company is legally organized and/or licensed to be a sportsbook. It is true that many online sportsbooks are established in less well-known countries, such as Curacao. However, it is certainly a step in the right direction for the sportsbook to have taken the initiative to become a registered entity and agree to be governed by the laws of a country.

Another simple preliminary step that players should take to determine the reputation of a website is to find out how long the esportsbook has been in business. For example, a startup esportsbook that is trying to steal money from its players will not be in business for long. Therefore, if the esportsbook says that it has been in business for years, and the customer reviews support that assertion, then players should feel a bit more comfortable that the esportsbook has an acceptable reputation. For more information about esports betting markets and the best esports betting site

Protection and Functionality of Website

Through reviews and in-person experience, a player will want to figure out how the esportsbook is operated. A simple, yet critical issue, is to learn how quickly an esportsbook will allow a player to withdraw their winnings.

Does it take only a few hours or does the process take days? On a related note, a player should find out how easy it is, or is not, to request a withdrawal. Online forums are full of players that mention how difficult some esportsbook websites can be about allowing players to withdraw their winnings.

Once a player figures out how to withdraw their winnings, and the turnaround time before receiving the winnings, the next step is to figure out how the winnings will be received. The days of gambling with only Euros or the dollar is behind us. Now, players can gamble with cryptocurrency. For that reason, it is important to understand how a player’s winnings will be provided to him or her. Furthermore, a player needs to understand what they need to have to receive the winnings. For example, a player may need a cryptocurrency wallet to receive cryptocurrency winnings, or maybe only a PayPal account or traditional bank account.

The last piece of information a player must learn about an esportsbook’s operations is how the company stores its player's funds deposited on the website. For example, is each player’s funds held in a separate account, or are all of the players’ accounts aggregated into one master account. Obviously, players would prefer to have segregated accounts for security purposes. If a hacker was able to access one account, then it would mean that every player is impacted under the “master account” scenario. On the other hand, with separate accounts, the esportsbook could pinpoint exactly where the hack came from, contain the breach, and protect the other player’s internal accounts with the esportsbook.

Esport Coverage

By the very nature of esports, there could hypothetically be an unlimited number of videogames that could be gambled on. Players might only want to gamble on one or two games. On the other hand, other players may want to gamble on a wide variety of games before picking a few to consistently bet on. Indeed, it is often the case that most gamers and esports gamblers do not limit their esport interests to only one type of game.

Betting Options

There are many different ways for a player to place esports bets in betting markets. These esports bets can vary: one bet may be to select what team will win the championship of an esport tournament, while another bet may be to pick the correct score in a shooter game. Below are a number of different types of bets that a player can decide to implement. Regardless of the esports bet, esport bettors should always evaluate the betting site's esports odds to ensure they are making the wisest online bets.

Outright Bet

First, an outright bet is a simple type of bet where a player will simply select what team the player believes will win. A player can make a bet before or during tournament play with respect to what team will win. Alternatively, a player may just want to place an outright bet on one match in a tournament either before or while the match is being played. A third outright bet option is to bet on which team will win a particular bracket within the tournament, rather than betting on one match or the entire tournament. Players should realize that an outright bet does not take into account the game’s moneyline. A moneyline is a point spread that some gamblers use to know how many points one team has to win or lose in order for the player to win the bet.

Specialty Bets

Second, there are a number of specialty bets that are also very simple to understand. For example, a player can gamble during a first-person shooter game about what team will get the first map. A player can also gamble about what team or player will get the first kill or first blood in a particular match. Another fun betting option is an odd/even bet where a player would gamble on whether there will be an odd or even number of rounds played, players killed, or games won during a match. Similarly, a player can also gamble using an over/under bet to guess if a team will get more or less than a certain number of points or maps per match.

Complex Bets

Third, once a player becomes more experienced, a player may decide to make complex bets. For instance, a player can bet using a handicap. A handicap means that not only does a certain team need to win, but that team needs to win by a certain number of points. A player can take the handicap by either betting that the team will not lose by that many points or betting that the favored team will win by more than that many points.

Next, a player can bet using a parlay. A parlay allows a player to gamble on two or more esport events. In gambler terminology, two bets are called “doubles” and three bets is called “triples.” The only way a player can win a parlay is by winning of all the bets. A parlay is usually accompanied by a higher payout.

To gain a more in-depth understanding of the different types of sports betting options from different esports bookmakers

Legality to Use the Website

Players should realize that the opportunity to gamble on an esportsbook website is dependent on a country’s laws. For example, in the United States of America and South Korea, online sports betting is normally considered illegal. Although there may be other gambling options for citizens of those countries to gamble online, the general rule will make it very difficult for players to use esportsbook websites. There are other countries that have no laws regarding whether citizens can gamble on esportsbooks. Players living in these countries should be cautious and learn the laws of their country before gambling on esportsbooks. There are also some countries that have made esports betting legal. One example is the United Kingdom, which regulates esportsbook operators incorporated in the United Kingdom via the UK Gambling Commission and provides greater security and protection to players on their esportsbook websites. In addition, the Malta Gaming Authority in the island of Malta is tasked with overseeing the leg


If legal where you live, esportsbook gambling is a fun and exciting way to make money while watching your favorite esport event. However, before a player begins to deposit money with an esportsbook website, a player should consider the above factors to decide what esportsbook to use. Understanding the types of esports to bet on, the bonuses that are available to new players, and the reputation of the esportsbook are all important factors for a player to consider. And after a player does their homework on an esportsbook website, the last step is to have fun and start winning!